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What Is Cloud Security?


Cloud security or, more specifically, cloud data security refers to the broader range of controls, policies, technology, processes, software, and applications that are using to secure the virtualized data, virtual machines, resources, and the infrastructure of cloud computing. The Internet and its related infrastructure have developed greatly since its early days. The Internet is not just a huge web page where people can surf the web. It has evolved into a very complex machine that serves as an information highway where all computers and networks are interconnected.


Cloud computing can be defined as a service that consists of multiple virtual servers in a virtual environment. These servers act as virtual machines, which are deployed on a single platform, usually hosted by a cloud provider. The virtual machines serve different purposes. A dedicated server allows a user to have his own server. However, it is limited by the size of the server and the amount of RAM. On the other hand, a cloud service allows users to access data from any computer using any computer.


There are two types of virtualization software: virtualization as a technology or virtualization as a service. Virtualization as a technology allows a cloud provider to provide several virtual machines on the same physical server. The only difference is, the cloud provider provides a single instance of virtualization software for every cloud instance.


Another form of virtualization is virtualization as a service. In this service, a cloud service provider offers virtualization services to the customers by deploying the Enterprise Cloud Security Software on their own servers. When a customer uses such a service, the service provider provides him or her with one instance of the virtualization software and that will be shared among the clients. The downside of this type of service is that the cloud service provider may not have the ability to deploy the necessary hardware or tools needed to maintain and operate the virtualization software.


Both cloud services allow you to have access to your data and resources without actually having to manage them. The main difference between these two forms of cloud services is that the former is more expensive but allows for the ability to deploy cloud security platform software and hardware needed for the proper functioning of your infrastructure.


There are many companies that provide cloud services. Most of the cloud service providers offer a platform for both the software and hardware to manage and protect your virtual machines from all threats and attacks. With the help of an automated security management system, you can also track and control how you spend and monitor the security provided to your virtual machines. Visit this website at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/topic/cybersecurity for more info about security